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Advanced Open Water Course

Take Your Scuba Diving To The Next Level!

If you are on this page, it’s because you feel ready to take the next step in your diving education! (Or you might just be lost but that’s fine too, you’re still welcome to read the description and further educate yourself about Koh Tao and the scuba courses we offer haha)

The Advanced Adventurer course at Koh Tao Scuba Club is a 2 day, 5 dive course where you will learn basic skills from 5 different scuba diving specialties, in return becoming a much more multi-skilled, versatile and comfortable scuba diver. 

With the Advanced Adventurer course you’ll extend your scuba diving knowledge and underwater diving skills.

To learn more about our current promotion for this program, follow this link:

To qualify for the Advanced Adventurer course you need to be a certified Open Water diver, from whichever agency, that does not matter. The important thing is that you are a certified Open Water diver, all diving certificates are welcome!

For the course you can choose between the specialities that you feel fits you best. From the 5, there are 2 that are mandatory, which are the 30 meter deep dive and the navigational dive. 

Other than that you have a big variety of adventure dives that you can sample, the most common ones are:

Enriched Air Nitrox Adventure Dive 
Night Diving Adventure Dive 
Fish ID Adventure Dive 
HTMS Sattakut Shipwreck Adventure Dive 
Perfect Buoyancy Adventure Dive 
30 Meter Deep Adventure Dive
Navigational Adventure Dive 

These are most of the specialties but you can contact us to have a preview of the complete list.

The Advanced Adventurer course is mostly practical, it is not as theory heavy as the Open Water course is and there also is no exam when completing the course! 

This course is available to start daily so you can pick the date that fits you the best, the course takes 2 - 3 days depending on the conditions and the dives you want to do.

When diving with us, we never dive at the same place twice - meaning you'll get to explore 5 completely different dive sites when diving in Koh Tao!