Cephalopods from our planet or from outer space?!

With the ability to change their color, edit their DNA as needed & the ability to regenerate lost body parts, it's easy to understand why scientists refer to them as "Aliens"

But! They are not referring to them as Aliens in a metaphorical way. Scientists literally are claiming that Octopuses and all "Cephalopods" might have come to Earth from outer space

A study made by a group of 33 Marine, Astro & Molecular scientist's believe the DNA seeds of Cephalopods could have been transported to earth with the help of a falling meteor or asteroid 100's of millions of years ago

According to their theory the DNA seeds of Octopuses came here and adapted to its new environments, claiming that this might explain why Cephalopods are so different from all life found on Earth

To learn more on this controversial theory, check out the full article right here:


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