''Happy International Whaleshark Day!!''

International Whale Shark Day was created so that we can celebrate and increase awareness about these amazingly huge ocean giants as we need to do the best we can to protect & preserve them!

Whale sharks are incredible to look at, and even more fascinating to learn about but unfortunately they are becoming endangered. They are actually one of the most vulnerable marine animals according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature

At Koh Tao Scuba Club we all share a huge love & appreciation for these wonderfully mystical giants of our oceans and as many of our dive professional's work closely with our local DMCR to ensure their protection, we hope & wish for a better future for our gentle giants

If you are a dive professional and would like to get involved with volunteer work with the local DMCR team, don't hesitate on contacting us and we'll help you get in contact with them!

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