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Always wanted to become a divemaster?! Check this out!!

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

We are offering a limited amount of Divemaster interns to join us, people who work as a team, are willing to learn, works hard & wants to make the underwater world their new office!

What is the Divemaster internship?!

This program is for divers who want to become professionals and learn how to fully operate a Dive Center during your stay with us. Which means it's not only in theory, you will know what's really going on behind the scenes!

Most of your time you will of course be on the boat, underwater & assisting our team of instructors on a daily basis.

To be a good Divemaster is not easy but it's definitely not impossible either. Especially with all the incredible knowledge you'll be able to gather from our international team of instructors!

Upon completing your divemaster internship, you'll get a certification from Scuba Club & SSI & can start your new adventure as a professional scuba diver!! 🔥🔥🔥

Applications are currently being accepted for review! Do NOT miss out on this once in a lifetime experience:

Contact us... NOW!! 🥳🥳

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