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Why You Should Scuba Dive In Koh Tao

While Koh Tao is well known as one of the absolute best diving locations in the world and attracts thousands of tourists and scuba divers yearly, the big question so many asks us is


  • Why exactly is Koh Tao so popular for scuba diving?!


The answer might be easier to find than you’d ever imagine: 


Diving Season Is 365 Days Per Year!


Around the world there are very few locations, even in Thailand where the diving season is as long, calm and stable as it is in Koh Tao. Some locations such as the Andaman seas close for up to six months per year as diving conditions aren’t good enough to head out safely while Koh Tao is literally diveable every day of the year. 


While conditions may differ through the year, we’ll always be able to find a different bay, shore or dive spot where we can perform our dives which is something that is very rare and that we all highly appreciate for obvious reasons!

Why You Should Scuba Dive In Koh Tao
Why You Should Dive In Koh Tao: About Us
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High Variety Of Dive Sites

Koh Tao scuba diving sites are plenty, beautiful and extremely varied. With more than 25 plus dive sites around Koh Tao, you can dive for several months day in and out without getting bored consider you’ll always find a new place to discover within each dive site.


We have shallow sites suitable for training everything from beginners to professionals, deeper open water dives going to 40 meters, a second World War shipwreck which was gifted from Japan, a dive site filled with underwater sculptures, dive sites that vary in corals, marine life, pinnacles, swim throughs, underwater caves, scuba diving with sharks, whalesharks. 


The list can be made very LONG and very EXCITING if you are a scuba nerd like we are!

Why You Should Dive In Koh Tao: About Us

Something For Everyone

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional or anywhere in between, at Koh Tao Scuba Club we have something for everyone starting daily. We offer up to 5 dives per day, 2 deeper dive sites in the morning, 2 shallow dive sites in the afternoon and 1 night dive leaving at sunset from the pier. 


The most popular courses when visiting Koh Tao is the Basic Diver program, the Open Water course or Advanced Open Water course. All scuba courses are available to start daily and all our certifications come with a SSI diamond level international certification as we bear a Diamond Level on our dive center ranking.

For certified scuba divers visiting, a big number opt to go for fun dives, as a fun diver you have the opportunity to sign up to either dives in the morning, afternoon or night. We provide all divers with a guide, full set of scuba equipment, insurance, lunch, snacks, refreshments, fresh fruits and pick up/drop off services so the only thing you need to bring is a big smile and be ready to get wet!


Fun diving in Koh Tao is optimal and very easy to enjoy, most dive sites are just a 15 - 20 minutes boat ride away with our scuba mobile, meaning you don’t need to spend hours getting to and from dive sites. Because we own and operate our own dive boat, we also have the luck of being able to either follow the dive schedule or changing it for a more favorable site where conditions might be better for the day, ensuring that we’ll always dive at the best sites possible each day! 


Our dive schedule is as such that we do 2 dives in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and then 1 night dive. We never dive at the same place twice and we always dive at a new dive site the next coming day so that we don’t repeat sites neither on the same day, or the next coming day.

Diving in Koh Tao sometimes is compared to scuba diving in a swimming pool filled with marine life. 


No currents, no waves and clear water. It is ideal for any level of diver looking to improve their dive skills, from beginners learning to professionals furthering their education. 

While some dive sites around the world have strong currents, bad visibility and some even dangerous animals, we are a bit more lucky to have been able to avoid all of that!


Many fun divers spend their day having fun diving up until lunch and then spending the rest of their days enjoying the beach and all the fun that Koh Tao has to offer.

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Why You Should Dive In Koh Tao: About Us
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