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Our Scuba Diving Boat

Our scuba diving boat is a traditional Koh Tao divers boat with a maximum capacity of 40 people. (Including boat crew, captain & professionals)


There is two floors on our boat, first floor of our boat is made to set up equipment, prepare and arrange for your coming dive. On the first floor we also have some space to get refreshments (water, coffee, tee & biscuits)


The second floor is our covered hang out zone. Where divers, non divers and all guests on our vessel can hang out, go through our boat briefings (rules of the boat) and get some quality time enjoying the views of what the Gulf of Thailand has to offer.


We service and maintain our boat regularly to ensure the highest level of safety and standards while out on the waters. 


With that said..


Welcome on to our Scuba mobile!

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koh tao dive boat.jpeg
our boat.jpeg
our boat koh tao.jpeg
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scuba boat.jpeg
koh tao scuba club boat.jpeg
koh tao sunset boat.jpeg
Our Boat: About Us
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