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Scuba Diving Instructor Training Course

Scuba Diving Instructor Training Course

Become A Scuba Diving Instructor & Make The Ocean Your Office

Did you ever think of making the ocean your office?


Then the scuba diving instructor training course is the one for you! With this globally recognized certification, you can work at Dive Centers all over the world!


A diving instructor is a professional scuba diver who trains and evaluates the competence of scuba divers. All training, programs and courses follow the guidelines and standards set by the diving agency and the instructor is in charge of making sure the guidelines is being followed and respected. 


Each instructor, while following the guidelines of the diving agency, still finds their very own way of how they are comfortable with teaching each course. After all, if we all just read of a book - we might as well just hand over the book!


The first scuba diving instructor recorded started way back in 1953 in the United Kingdom with two gentlemen called Jack Atkinson and Colin McLeod. As you might imagine, these things and ideas weren’t common back then and they’d gotten the idea from being in the military and had decided they wanted to share the joy that scuba diving was with the common public!


The world's first female scuba diving instructor came in 1955, Dottie Frazier who also became the first female scuba diver to own and operate her own dive shop, Dottie also worked with the US military designing wetsuits and dry suits for both military and recreational divers.


A scuba diving instructor's responsibility is to teach students who are interested in learning more about how to scuba dive and to show them the underwater world in a safe way, no matter the level of training!


An instructors responsibilities includes:

Teaching scuba divers complete theory pertaining to each course level 

Teaching new scuba divers about the equipment and how to use it

Performing dive briefings before each dive to make sure that all divers are familiar with the site, what we’re doing and what hazards might appear 

Supervising and/or assisting with scuba courses/programs in the school

Assisting in maintenance of our dive equipment by inspecting and servicing equipment regularly 

Maintaining all training activities logged

Certifying scuba divers once course is completed 

Conducting post-course reviews with their students to discuss performance to be able to identify areas of improvement 

70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, make it your office!

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