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Stress & Rescue

Learn how to take care of both yourself and your dive buddy!

Perhaps the most challenging and rewarding of all the specialty courses, the Stress & Rescue course gives you the scuba knowledge and skills needed to help in diving-related emergencies.

This is the one required specialty in order to start your dive master education!

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The Stress and Rescue course is a scuba diving certification which emphasizes emergency response and diver rescue. In the Stress & Rescue course you will learn how to prevent accidents and how to best deal in situations of stress that may occur while scuba diving. 

You learn how to prevent, recognize and solve scuba diving problems on the surface and underwater to improve your safety!

Stress is a huge factor in rescue situations and diving accidents. Through this course you will learn how to deal with accident prevention and problem solving once those occur.

The course is over 2 days and 4 dives, in which you participate in theory and water lessons, both in the swimming pool and in the open water.

Requirement to start the course is to be in possession of a valid First AID & CPR course and a diploma for administering oxygen such as for example react right. If you do not already have these certifications, we also provide them here at Koh Tao Scuba Club. 

The SSI Rescue Diver course will extend your knowledge and experience beyond that of recreational diving.

You learn how to pay attention to yourself but also to your buddy and you can recognize signs of stress and resolve panic. In short: you know what you really need to do when a scuba diver needs you.

The Stress & Rescue course is a big step to becoming a professional dive but mostly a very important course for yourself and for your dive buddy.

Other than that, many people find this the most exciting and fun scuba course because of all the unexpected situations and knowledge that they’ll stumble upon with their instructor during the course! 

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