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Doesn’t matter if you have your dream job in the salty ocean or if you’re stuck in traffic in Bangkok - Life has its ups and downs

It still happens and is a part of life 🌎

An important thing to remember in those times:

* Take decisions you’ll be proud of

* Always tell the truth

* Be good to people

* Be the reason someone smiles daily

* Make your words and actions have positive value

Surround yourself by people that give love and watch how you’ll receive it right back ❤️

Because they’ll be there both for good and bad days

This post is from my heart to you all. Not a sales post, not a marketing plan, just me talking to you from my heart

Here’s to learning, growing, improving, here’s to being humble, to work with passion and to finding it ❤️

Here is from me - to all of you:

Wishing you all a happy new year ❤️ & of course a 2023 filled with scuba 🎊🎉

📹: Thapanee Lorphan

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